Facebook Page 101


You have permission to be overwhelmed when it comes to facebook.  Just when you think you have it figured out, everything changes.  So the key to fb is learning to be a fast learner.  And knowing who are the best sources for accurate information.

I will start by saying to not get wooed into any facebook marketing courses out there.  Yes, some are good and get crazy results….for the right person in the right situation.  And that’s where the discernment is needed.  We don’t all have the same business scenario and needs (and neither do your clients.)

Your goal with these next few lessons is to make sure FB speak doesn’t sound like a foreign language and you don’t make any newbie mistakes when doing things for clients ok?

Here’s how I teach FB skills here in the VVP training center:

1. Know the basic differences between a page and group and your personal profile (this lesson)

2. Stay on top of what drives engagement (next lesson – only if that’s what you intend to be offering as a service)

3. Social media is WAY more about the content creation cycle than anything that actually has to do with fb (3rd lesson – essential understanding for any VA!)

4. Groups Management (because this is a great VA skillset)

5.  FB Ads 101 (because they are a beast and you only need to know a smidgeon to know this is a high dollar skillset and single focus specialty)