Bonus #1 Hiring Traits: What I look for when I hire a Virtual Professional

Bonus # 2 Portfolio Reviews



Portfolio Review for Ellen D.

Bonus # 3 Portfolio Example
This portfolio example comes from a graduate of the Verified Virtual Professional and 6 Weeks to Clients programs. Screen shots of work examples and a linked introduction video are good eye catching elements to use.

Example Portfolio

*new* Bonus #4 Domains, Hosting & DNS. Oh My!

Website development jargon can be overwhelming and confusing.

Keeping everything up to date is a techy process and you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about to keep your business moving forward. I have a computer engineering degree and am a bit of a nerd myself and even I find myself perplexed at times.

This training is going to simplify the basics and get you what you know to get (and keep) your website running smooth.


Would you rather have all this done for you?

Our talented team of web developers and marketing specialists can build your very own professional website. We make sure you’re set up with the best services and tools available and include one year of free hosting on my private server.

Upgrade your program to the VIP level and we’ll take care of all the techy stuff so you can focus on your business!

Contact us for more information.

1Hiring Traits
2Portfolio Reviews
3Example Portfolio
4Domains, Hosting & DNS