Getting Started


YOUR NEXT 30 DAYS:  How to master this training and become a Verified Virtual Professional.

Hi [accessally_user_firstname],

First, I am so happy you are here because I love action takers.  If you are diving into Verified Virtual Professionals Training Center, it means you are taking action towards your future and expanding your own business.

(and secretly, I have a crush on other entrepreneurs like you!)

How will this work?

All of the trainings are listed here on the left and also organized by subject in the top menu.    You can track which modules you complete by checking them off on this page.

Feel free to jump around and dive first into areas you really want a bit more experience.   (We used to do this in order and I realized….not efficient enough.  And efficiency is my love language!  So ignore the “Day #” and just get after it in the order that most suits you.)

You could truly cover all the lessons in a weekend, or stretch it out and do 1 every day for 30 days.

The main benefit of this program is DOING the lessons because you are gaining experience and building your own Verified Virtual Professional portfolio as you go.

What does success look like in this program?

You complete the trainings, build an awesome portfolio and we add you to our list of Verified Virtual Professionals.   Then, you are filled with confidence to go out and bid for those new projects!

Excited to have another future Verified Virtual Professional in our midst.