Morgan has been working her way through the Verified Virtual Professional Trainings and shared the following in the The Collective:

In Module 28 of VVP Lori asks us to list 3 things we always underestimate. If any of you ladies could shine a light on these I would appreciate it! 1) the actual set-up of a newsletter/email. I always spend too much time looking at templates and then changing the one I chose. 2) Transcribing (especially quiet audio) I have a quick WPM but I may just have to throw this skill out the window since I have such difficulty with it. 3) Creative ability when it comes to myself. I have changed my logo and colors 27(ish) times. I like them all, but then second guess my marketing. When it is other people (who know EXACTLY what they are offering) I feel as if I am more confident.

Check out my response in this video: