Jordyn asks “How do I showcase my course membership setup skills?”

Her full question here:

Hi everyone! I just completed the first video from the Fast Class 2: Rapid Development of Skills and had a question from one of the tech skills listed, Course/Membership Site Setup. I’m still attempting to analyze my skills and then decide where I want to focus but I’m unsure of what this one entails.

For a current client, I worked with her through the launch of a new membership group which included setting up her Teachable school (as well as a Podia course to test, which we didn’t end up using), loading course content to start and now ongoing as things are added, enrolling students, creating and managing the Facebook group, and setting up the Dubsado workflow to ensure they’ve completed the new member form, NDA and necessary instructions through follow up emails.

Is this what would be meant by Course/Membership Site Setup or is it more in-depth like building a custom site to house the group? I really enjoyed the work involved with this launch, setting everything up and now maintaining it. If this is what is meant by that title, is this a marketable service? What complementary services do you think would be good to learn alongside this?