Training Center

{training center main portal is still under construction!  Watch the main dashboard page for all the new trainings we release!}

Are you running the right business?   Are you focused on the right things?  Will this business model even work?

Most online trainings teach you whatever is current, hot and trending.  I prefer to dig into my corporate experiences, study Forbes and Harvard Business Review and save you time, money and energy by designing the RIGHT sustainable business.

Not your everyday online marketing advice.  That is way too unstable for a busy mom to chase after.   I beat down the trends and myths and share simply what works.

Here’s a hint…. marketing hasn’t changed in centuries!  So rest easy that you aren’t missing out on the “next big Facebook technique”

Email funnels, Sales pages, launches, online courses, membership sites, social media strategy and the next buzz worthy topic.

Everything is figureoutable.   (And I have a software engineering degree and left corporate as Head of an international IT department.)

Come at me sister.  All your tech frustrations can be answered.  I promise.

Efficiency is my love language.  You don’t need another pretty planner.  You do need to learn productivity from someone who knows what it’s like to juggle kids, husbands and households with your business.

Without this, your business is not complete.   Don’t be afraid.  Wade right into this sometimes ouchie place where we will meet you with grace and truth in love.

(Mindset, schmindset…. there is truth that mindset is important but that isn’t the only thing.)

Important Updates

Our group calls are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 1 PM EST.   Zoom meeting link is here.

We are still moving a lot of AMAZING content into this new training center.  If you are looking for something, ask in the Facebook group and we’ll get you a link.