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“Just 3” Method for Simple Mom-Friendly Online Businesses

Just 3 Method

{how to stay focused on your goals and tasks….. especially for busy moms with online businesses}

A finished to do list is a DREAM!  It’s actually a FANTASY.  Because honestly, you’re a motivated woman and if you really crossed everything off, you would add 10 more ideas or next steps in the process.

Enter scene left:  overwhelm.

Here’s an awareness for you:   The do list will NEVER end as a motivated business owner.   And it’s the overwhelm of that thought which paralyzes us.

What we really want to feel is this:   I crossed off 3 things on my to do list today that MOVED THE NEEDLE.   That really made a difference.  They made so much of a difference, I don’t feel overwhelm at the next things on my list.  I feel EXCITED because they are going to move the needle even further.

That.   That’s the feeling we are going for.

To reach that we need focus, accountability and a realistic system that works for busy moms running online businesses.

See the clause I added there?   A system that works for us moms running online businesses.

I’ve been a productivity nerd since 1987 when I got my first Franklin Covey planner in high school and became a student of Stephen Covey and his 7 steps.   I embraced David Allen’s “GTD”, Getting Things Done system in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.   So good.  I mastered Dave Lakhani’s Power of an Hour process, that later became more mainstream as “pomodoro’s” or time blocked sprints.   Today I thrive with (my adapted) 90 Day Year system.

However, after I had children, none of these systems worked natively for me.  And most of the men teaching the ways here, could simply not relate to my questions:

Should I plan family life and work life in the same calendar?

What do I do when there are too many things on my plate?  Which one drops?

As I have developed my own businesses and the How She Quits programs, I’ve found that having a planning system that works is an essential element we must master if we want to avoid overwhelm (which gives us an unfocused and unproductive mind) and to truly move the needle in our businesses.

The “Just 3” Method will help you:

  • Set the RIGHT goals
  • To stop Over-Goaling
  • To stay focused and productive even with big to do lists
  • To fit your mom-life priorities and business-life priorities into a single-life formula (because we haven’t perfected cloning yet!)

Watch the Introductory Video to Learn How to Implement “Just 3” Method in Your Mom-Business-Life


  • Download the blank PDFs and begin to test drive them
  • Watch the next lesson that will show you how to quickly apply this method into your weekly planning (coming Feb. 28)

Important Updates

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