Module 4: Your Best Virtual Professional Profiles


Watch the Module 4 Video Lesson:

Let’s look at a few example Virtual Professional websites, critique them and I’ll give guidance on different ways to set up both your practice and your online appearance.  From domain names, to branding to website content.   We end with a tour of the demo website that can be built for you by our team here at Lori Mercer CTO.


Download and Print Module 4 Workbook


Download this workbook, print it out and follow along as you watch the video.

(It helps you learn better and work through your programs as you are watching!  #efficiency)


Watch Module 4 Video: Your Professional Profile
Module 4 Slides
Personal Networks --- practice the pitch


Way back from Module 1….. remember that personal network list we asked you to make?   You should be practicing with them!   Get out there and pitch your services.   Yes it’s scary but each one gets easier and you learn, learn, learn.

Critique Your Job Bids


Find a job you want to bid?

Go for it!  This is important. Testing this out in some discussions is going to be super helpful in knowing:

  • Are you selling yourself?
  • Is your message clear?

Critique Your Product Offerings


Got your services page all polished up?  Seek feedback.

Complete Module 4 Quiz


Your domain name should include your name if at all possible
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1Watch the video: Your Best Virtual Professional Profiles
2Share Your Profile for Live Critiques
3Reach out to your personal network for practice pitches
4Share prospective job profiles for critiques
5Share your product / services offerings for critiques
6Complete your website content
7Take the Quiz!