Module 3: Pricing, Positioning and Packaging Your Services


Watch the Module 3 Video Lesson:

There is a lot of MEAT in this video.  Hard core talk about a key reason you are all doing this…. to get paid.   But how do you get paid?  What should you charge?  For what kinds of services?   By the end of this lesson, you’ll be on your way to having clarity on your packages + pricing and how to position yourself in the market.

BONUS:  Mental Hurdles: What’s Holding You Back?

You can’t let fear and inaction take over in your business mindset. In this bonus I’m chatting with some program participants to go deep on some common issues that hold us back and dispel that negative mindset!

Slides from this bonus lesson are also included down below.


Download and Print Module 3 Workbook


Download this workbook, print it out and follow along as you watch the video.  (It helps you learn better and work through your programs as you are watching!  #efficiency)


Watch Module 3 Video: Packaging, Positioning and Pricing


Watch: Packaging, Positioning & Pricing


Bonus - The Mental Game Slides
Finish your services + pricing





This is it.  Time to be decisive (for now!) and finalize your services and pricing info.

Test Out Your Pricing & Packages


Go ahead.  This is important. Testing this out in some discussions is going to be super helpful in knowing:

  • If your packages are clear enough
  • If you have hit the mark for what people need from you
  • If you’re in the ballpark of pricing

Hunt & Fish for Prospects



You should now have a routine of looking regularly for new projects / clients as we learned in week 1.   Observing and even bidding on / applying for work is great experience!

Website Domain Name Decisions



It’s time to decide!

Hint:  I strongly suggest using your name if it’s nicely spell-able and searchable 😉

Complete Week 3 Quiz


When should you increase your rates?
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1Download and Print Week 3 Workbook
2Watch Week 3 Video: Pricing, Positioning and Packaging Your Services
3Watch Bonus Video: The Mental Game
4Complete Week3 Quiz
5Homework: Finalize Your Services + Pricing
6Homework: Test it out with a couple of people
7Homework: Hunt & Fish for prospects!
8Homework: Website Domain Name Decisions