Module 2: Get Clear On Your Offer and How to Pitch It


Watch the Module 2 Video Lesson:

We are back at it and going full force in Module 2. Head in the game and time to get serious about your services and offers. Take your time, go through the content and dive into your bonus: How will you package yourself?

Module 2 Activities

Download and Print Module 2 Workbook
Watch Module 2 Video: Get Clear on Your Offer
Module 2 Slides
Watch Bonus Video: Where and How to show up Online as a VP
Homework: Watch Misha's Video and Workbook
Homework: Define your draft pricing /services info

It is time to put pen to paper (or hand to computer) and define what work you WANT to do and for what amount.

Take the time this week to define the scope of your business. What services will you offer? What is off limits? What is your niche?

Be specific and list it out!

Homework: Update Your Facebook Profile


  • Post something intelligent about your field at least weekly
  • Showcase your clients and your work for them
  • Professional Photos
  • Linked to your website
  • Clear call to action to “contact you”

Homework: Create Your Email Signature


Everyone sees them. Get specific and share what you are working on.


What is one of the two most basic things you need to start making money in your business?
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1Download and Print Week 2 Workbook
2Watch Week 2 Video: Get Clear on Your Offer
3Watch Bonus Video: Where and How To Show Up Online as a VP
4Complete Week One Quiz
5Homework: Watch Misha's Video & Use her workbook
6Homework: Define your draft pricing /services info
7Homework: Update your Facebook profile
8Homework: Create your email signature