Module 1: Where to Find Clients

Immediate places to start looking, networking and finding prospects.


Watch the Module 1 Video Lesson:

We don’t mess around here at 6 Weeks To Clients. And most participants in this program already walk away from module 1 with some prospective projects and clients. Results are what we are looking for. So go ahead and dive straight into this good stuff that’s going to tell you (most likely) where your first client will come from and how to go find them.

{BONUS VIDEO}  Job Posting Analysis: The good, the bad, the never apply for this type of job again.

We’re just starting and already we’re asking you to dive into the big ocean of potential jobs and go fishing!   Why?   Because you LEARN by doing and the more you look at and analyze these job descriptions, the better you will get at sniffing out a really good prospect and avoid those projects that are life-suckers.   This video will give you some insights on analyzing a job posting to determine where it fits for you.

Module 1 Activities

Download and Print Module 1 Workbook
Watch Module 1 Video: Where to Find Clients
Module 1 Slides
Homework: Create Your Personal Network List


How many people do you know? I bet it is more than you realize. For this exercise please turn to your workbook and follow the guided questions.

Focus on answering each question as they appear. Do not overthink it. Do not assume that ANYONE is off limits. Jot their name down and move forward. This is just about getting pen to paper and seeing what is out there.

Homework: Search for 5 prospective projects on a job site


It is time to get searching. To be successful in the virtual field you have to be comfortable seeking out work. With this assignment, I would like you to take the time to find 5 prospective jobs that you could actually see yourself applying to (and really apply if you like them!).

You will not be perfect from the start. That is OKAY. I need to see where you are at, what you are doing, and how you understand the listings so I can help you grow in this virtual world.

Watch Bonus Video: How To Use Asana / Trello to Track Prospects


Prospects appear ALL the time if you know what you are looking for.

The worst feeling is losing a contact that would have been a PERFECT fit for you and your business.

Watch this video to see my tracking system that I use daily to keep my growing agency in check.

Homework: Create Your Prospect Tracking System

Implement what you just learned from my tracking system.

Everyone is not the same when it comes to time management and organization. Will you follow it exactly or adjust? Share in the Facebook group how you are going to track your clients and give feedback to all the other members today.

Module 1 Accountability


  1. Block hours to focus and work exclusively on your business.
  2. Make your list of who’s in your network (at least 10 people).
  3. Contact at least 4 of them and let them know you are available for work (do we need some examples of what to say and how to say it?)
  4. Find at least 5 virtual project opportunities on the job boards.
  5. What do you like about them?
  6. Complete your sentence: I ___________ for _______________.
  7. First draft at your offer sales page.
  8. What price? What do you offer? Bullet point list.
  9. Think with the end in mind. IF I was posting this on a shopping website, what would I say I do and at what price?


My first client is most likely to come from:
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1Download and Print Week 1 Workbook
2Watch Week 1 Video: Where to Find Clients
3Watch Bonus Video: Job Posting Analysis - The Good, The Bad and the Never Apply for this Again
4Homework: Create Your Personal Network List
5Homework: Search for 5 prospective projects on a job site
6Watch Bonus Video: How To Use Asana / Trello to Track Prospects
7Homework: Create Your Prospect Tracking System
8Complete Week 1 Quiz

Download the Module 1 Workbook to follow along with all of your Activities