VIP Participants!  Here are your Done-for-You Website Details

Info and Tutorials for your new website!

(if you are not a VIP participant and have decided you’d like your own website, contact us for details on how to upgrade.)

STEP 1:  Submit the Required Preliminary Info

Your Virtual Professional website is a small project you will complete within 60 days of purchasing the VIP program.  And we will guide you through each detail along the way.   So put these details on your calendar and let’s make it happen!  Your website is a very tangible outcome that you will be proud of and give you the confidence to push forward with your business.  We set the 60 day deadline for 2 reasons:

1.  To keep your momentum flowing!

While your head is in the place of working through this program is the best time to be completing this project

2. Deadlines work

They help our team plan and they help you get things done.

So we need you to submit all the details of your website no later than 60 days after purchasing the VIP program.  This is super generous and you are super able of making that happen!  Especially with the coaching call that goes along with the VIP program.

If you are unable to meet this deadline, we can’t provide that website #sadface.  For extreme personal reasons (death or significant illness in family but not….I lost momentum and couldn’t finish the course), we can offer accommodations but as we teach you in this program, clear terms and conditions are important to define as you create your own packages.  

Your job is simple (and typical of a skill anyone in the virtual work world needs to know.)  We’ve prepared a Google Doc where you can enter all of the information we’ll need to build your new WordPress website. You can access it here.  (Make a copy and email us the link to your copy of the form.  Email lori at )

STEP 2:  We build your website!

If you complete the form thoroughly, we can turn out your website within a week or 2 (planned vacation / off time not included).   If we have questions, it may take some back and forth but we like to keep that to a minimum.  It’s more efficient for all of us.

We intentionally do not have a change request process built in here.   This website is important to your business but we believe you should be spending more time building your network and prospecting than building your website!

Our promise:  We will give you the draft website within 2 weeks of your submission.

Our Expectation:  If not all the details are filled in the intake form, we will give you the website with “dummy” copy it will be your responsibility to update it.   At a minimum to get started we need your logo, a photo that works for a wide format “hero” banner and your website domain.

You will have 1 week to give us feedback on your site from the time you complete the draft.   We will turn around reasonable change requests within 2 weeks and then…. we’re on to Step 3 pushing your site live!

STEP 3:  You get the keys to drive!

We will push your website live and it’s all yours!  We’ve included our favorite tutorials below to help you quickly and easily update it on your own.  And of course, if you are VIP, you have 6 months of access to the Collective and can ask questions as needed.  (We love for you to show off your new site there, and get feedback on updates you may make to About and Services pages.)

ONGOING:  How To Update Your WordPress Website

We’ve put together a list of references you’ll need to maintain your website, as well as best practices, tutorials for building it out further as your business grows, etc.

Wordpress 101

Once you’ve logged into your new site’s WordPress dashboard, you’ll see a tab on the left down at the bottom labeled ‘Video Tutorials. In there I’ve installed a set of generic WordPress 101 videos that will prove helpful. Note that some of them won’t be relevant, as your theme covers some of the functionality (contact page, etc.), but overall, it’s a great overview of WordPress basics.


As part of your website build you receive use of our ThriveLeads license, which allows you to easily manage your lead magnets and free offers.

ThriveLeads Get Started Tutorial

ThriveLeads Documentation


Image Optimization Tools

You’ll want your images to be less than 150kb in size before uploading to your website (ideally 50kb or less, but 150kb or so for large images isn’t out of the question). Be sure to set the dimensions to the maximum size required first (e.g., you generally won’t need any images over 1400px wide for a full width background or header image – the rest should be only as wide as needed) and ‘save for web’ using Photoshop or an application like PicMonkey (if you don’t have access to Photoshop):

Then, once you have your image saved to an appropriate dimension, run it through this image optimization tool:

This will allow you to minimize the size of your images as much as possible, which means your site will load faster.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Site Running and Enjoyable!
  1. DO keep your plugins, theme and WordPress updated – and ALWAYS take a backup first in your CPANEL AND via the Updraft plugin we installed for you. You can never have enough backups!
  2. DO optimize images for web before uploading them to your website – ideally you want your images to be 100kb in size or less for best mobile loading, but 150kb to 200kb works fine for most viewers. Files any bigger than that will start to bog down loading and increase visitors abandoning the site.
  3. DO TEST your contact form and any payment buttons you’ve installed on an regular basis, ideally each time you update your website (which should be at minimum monthly so far as plugins and your theme).
  4. DO CREATE a category and tag structure early on in your website’s life and stick to it. You can find some good direction on this here: It’s written more from the perspective of cleaning up an already running site, but there is solid advice here so you can avoid having to spend a LOT more time later… 😉
  5. DO FOLLOW a small handful of experts who know what they’re talking about so far as WordPress, SEO, etc. If you follow the writers of the links in this document, as well as you can stay ahead of the curve so far as new developments, current best practices, etc.

We hope you find this helpful! Should you have any questions at all regarding your hosting or the plugins we’ve installed on your site, let us know.


1Submit your website data via the Google Doc link.
2Review the Basic Overview Tutorial