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How to Negotiate Friday’s Off

And other Flex Time Work Strategies

What to Post on Facebook

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21 Ideas for What to Post on FB Today

How to Move to Package Pricing


You reach a point as a VA when you realize, you’ve maxed out your efforts in hourly work.

Your skills have increased as well. But how do you transition from one off projects or hourly client work to pricing and offering by packages?

This is when you begin to sell a service that brings specific results. It’s not just “buy this bucket of hours”. It’s more like “I’ll manage project X for you at a flat rate of $1500”.

So you need to figure out:

– what service do you know inside and out that you can sell at flat rate?
– how do you get yourself profitable selling those packages?
– do you want to hire in lower dollar hourly team members to help you deliver these services? (is there still profitability there?)

– and where do you find the clients who want this kind of package?

This question came up in a Collective Group Call and it was so valuable, we decided to share it in it’s own lesson here.


6 Weeks to Clients Graduate – Example Portfolio & Template

Portfolio Example & Template

This portfolio example comes from a graduate of the Verified Virtual Professional and 6 Weeks to Clients programs. Screen shots of work examples and a linked introduction video are good eye catching elements to use.

Example Portfolio

Portfolio Template

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2How to Negotiate Fridays Off
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4How to Move to Package Pricing
5Portfolio Example & Template